Electric tracks

Evaglide Motorised Curtain Track

Updated for 2020

Evaglide Motorised Curtain Track

The Evaglide Motorised Curtain Track is an electric curtain track operated as mains or battery. With a silent curtain track motor that can hold up to 50kg and works on touch impulse technology. It is also compatible with the Evaglide Hub.

  • Touch impulse technology allow the curtain to be gently pilled to activate movement
  • Intergrated Emergency Control ensures manual operation of the curtain in case of power failure
  • Silent motor
  • The upgraded motor speed allows for speeds of up to 20cms/ per second
  • 110-240volt 50/60Hz mains powered version and 14.8volt Lithium battery version
  • Max. Curtain weight 50kg
  • Wide range of brackets available

Evaglide Motorised Remote & Timer Controls

Selection of Remote controls for Evaglide curtain rails and roman blind systems.

1-15 channels with or without a timer

The Evaglide Hub

Great value, Lower cost than other wireless bridge technology

The Evaglide Hub is a revolutionary RF bidirectional wireless bridge with integrated RS485 interface. It’s easy to set up and builds a connection using the WIFi router at home or within the workplace to enable the motorsation of blinds and tracks. Both systems can be conveniently operated through smart home voice technology or the ‘Connector’ app.

Characterised by clean, friendly design with a heavy emphasis on usability, the Evaglide Hub empowers everyday users to access peace of mind, convenience and utilise the latest smart home technology. Evaglide Hub works in harmony with popular home automation systems and can operate up to 30 devices throughout 20 rooms. The Evaglide hub comes with a 2 year warranty backed by our market leading 10 year warranty on all motorised blind and track systems

Included: 1 x Evaglide Hub (WiFi to RF Bridge)
• 1 x USB to Micro USB cable (USB plug not provided)
• iOS & Android Supported
• Voice activation requires: Google Home, Amazon Alexa, IFTTT
• Bi-directional Radio Control
• One way radio control
• WiFi Connection
• RS485 Interface
• DC 5V
• Firmware Update
• Required to operate: Connector app – available from the App Store (Apple) or Google Play
• Max. 30 motors, 20 timers, 20 rooms, 20 scenes
• Size: (L) 132 x (W) 75 x (H) 36mm

Connector App For IOS and Android Devices